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Is KOO one of South Africa’s KOOlest companies?

In a move likely to cost around R650 million in total lost revenue, canned food manufacturer KOO recently recalled 20 million canned vegetable products because of safety concerns. In a regular transport and handling test, the company inspected 287 040 cans and found a side seam leak had developed in two of them. Tiger Brands, [...]

The Great Vaccination Debate – Can Your Employer Make It “No Jab, No Job?”

England is undoubtedly one of the countries leading the race when it comes to vaccinating its population against Covid-19. At the time of writing, some 47 million people had been given their first vaccine dose - nearly 90% of the adult population. Around 39 million - roughly 74% of all adults - have had both [...]

In The Aftermath of The Recent Riots, The Silent Looting Continues…

A few days ago, parts of KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng were rocked by some of the worst violence our country has seen since the early 90s. People killed, livelihoods destroyed, billions of Rands in property and wares literally up in smoke… Watching it play out every day for a week was like being in the [...]

Hiding Behind Elaborate Masks – Fudging And Faking of Qualifications

An email landed on my desk the other day from an advocate requesting information pertaining to an investigation I’m currently involved in on behalf of government agency. This kind of thing, in itself, is not unusual, but what caught my eye about this particular email was the sender’s long list of credentials, listed as part [...]

What Are Our Rights When Civil Servants Stop Being Civil?

What Are Our Rights When Civil Servants Stop Being Civil In December 2020, motoring journalist Marius Roberts was pulled over by a Metro police officer - in an unmarked car - in Johannesburg. Roberts asked the natural and obvious question we would all surely ask in the same situation: “Why have you pulled me over?” [...]

If You Put A Fox In Charge Of The Henhouse, Expect To Lose A Few Chickens

If You Put A Fox In Charge Of The Henhouse, Expect To Lose A Few Chickens Two years ago, we got very excited when Gauteng Premier David Makhura announced that, by the end of February last year, system would be in place whereby Gauteng government employees who issued tenders would undergo regular security vetting and [...]

Is Corruption South Africa’s Oldest Tradition?

Is Corruption South Africa's Oldest Tradition A few days ago, the UK government took its strongest stance yet against global corruption by slapping financial and travel sanctions on the three Gupta brothers, their associate Salim Essa, and 18 other individuals involved in what UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called “notorious corruption cases” in Russia, South [...]

South Africa’s Lost Billions – Imagine What Could Have Been Done With The Money…

South Africa is not a poor country, and yet we are a poor country. We are one of the most developed economies on the African continent, and yet we have so many areas still woefully underdeveloped. We are so rich in terms of minerals, natural beauty, wildlife, human resources…yet there never seems to be enough [...]

When It Comes To State Capture, Is Former President Zuma Having The Last Laugh?

For a man who has often said he wanted his day in court, Jacob Zuma is sure doing everything he can to avoid it. Despite being repeatedly called to appear in front of the Zondo Commission and answer dozens of allegations of corruption made against him, Mr Zuma remains conspicuous by his absence. He has [...]

Budget 2021: Health and Education Cuts In The Midst Of A Pandemic. The Fiscal Fiasco Continues…

With so much of the world’s media attention focused on the recent - and now infamous - interview between Oprah, Prince Harry and Megan Markle, it’s easy to forget that the United Kingdom is not the only country in the world with a Monarchy. South Africa’s own King Goodwill Zwelithini, king of the Zulu nation [...]

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