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Application Form

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 28 February 2023 @ midnight.
The successful applicant will work from the Pretoria office in South Africa

Key responsibilities

Ensuring the integrity & continuity of forensic evidence, which includes but is not limited to :
1) Registering of evidence
2) Processing of evidence
3) Tracking of evidence
4) Managing of evidence
5) Quality assurance of evidence
6) Preparing of evidence records
7) Data capturing
8) Evidence records analysis and processing
9) Compiling of evidence files

Personal Competencies

• Exceptional attention to detail
• Effective communication skills (Verbal and Written)
• Team player, approachable, receptive to feedback from others and following instructions from Project Leaders and Executives
• Be able to convey factual information clearly and effectively
• Good listening skills, actively clarifying what has been communicated to ensure understanding
• Integrity, honesty and confidentiality
• Able to manage time and prioritise effectively
• Results orientated
• Adheres to deadlines
• Displays patience and understanding
• Assertive, able to handle conflict and put forward ideas in a non-confrontational manner despite opposition

Please do NOT submit your CV for consideration if you do not meet the minimum criteria listed in terms of qualifications, experience and necessary competencies as specified. 

Minimum Qualifications Required: 

  • Matric Pass 
  • Word and Excel at an Intermediate Level
  • Tertiary qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but is not mandatory