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Is This The Defining Moment For Identity Management?

Tying The Tourniquet

Much of the transformation that occurs in the world happens during times of crisis. Throughout history, catastrophic events have shaped future generations, and the potential of Covid-19 to change the direction of our future is already very apparent.

This global viral pandemic has sparked the biggest push into the digital era we’ve yet seen.

Home schooling and home entertainment are escalating. Anyone with access to the Internet has all the tools they need – literally at their fingertips – to do anything they want from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Shopping, banking, communicating, socialising, gaming and working online are all fast becoming the new norm.

Those businesses – traditionally corporates – with vast real estate assets may soon find themselves with under-used, possibly already empty, buildings. Restaurants, take-away outlets and other businesses offering one-on-one client service are already seeing crippling declines in customer numbers. Sports stadia are under immense pressure.

But while the future of these and other services is uncertain, there is one thing we do know for sure:

The rise in incidences of corporate cybercrime has only just begun.

Now more than ever, those industries with large workforces, such as mining and agriculture for example, need absolute assurance of the integrity of the identity of their employees. Predictions are that identity fraud will soon start spiraling upwards as synthetic identities become more commonplace – particularly in those financial institutions relying on purely digital identities to permit transactions.

The trust placed in digital identities is where crime syndicates know their biggest loot lies. They have already stolen datasets containing the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of billions of individuals. They can now start using this to create millions, if not billions, of synthetic identities and infiltrate, almost at will, any institution or Government agency of their choosing.

Know Your Customer (KYC) principals are based on the acceptance of a digital identity. Criminals can access financial institutions with synthetic identities, created on any identity management software that allows “selfie” onboarding. By complying with “liveness detection,” criminals can now infiltrate any institution which relies solely on digital identities.

It’s the perfect storm of opportunity for crime syndicates.

The only way to prevent synthetic identities from infiltrating and defrauding your company, institution or Government is to take proper identity management seriously.

Right now.

There is only one way to do this:

A digital identity MUST be positively linked (i.e. with proof) to an actual living human being. This digital identity MUST also represent only ONE human being. In other worlds, one individual “real world” human being must be linked – with forensic proof – to their individual digital twin in the cyberworld.

The Diverse Authentication Library (DAL)

The DAL-Global solution, incorporating the Identity-ATM, is the only system in the world with the capability to create a single digital twin of a single human being with forensic proof.

DAL-Global offers a scalable, cloud-based platform and customisable business processes focused on a Forensic Identity Management Solution. This solution comprises Registration, “Onboarding”, Protection and Authentication of Identities. The DAL-Global infrastructure is built, hosted and managed by DAL as a third-party service provider, and offered as Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS).

Contact us and let us mitigate your risks and manage your identity verification at an optimised level.

About Dawid Jacobs

Dawid Jacobs is a prominent South African Identity Management Specialist. He received intensive training in the South African Police Service (SAPS) as a Fingerprint Expert and Crime Scene Forensic Investigator (CSI).

During his career in the SAPS, he identified, matched and verified hundreds of thousands of crime scene and other fingerprints. On numerous occasions, Dawid testified as an expert in the South African High Court, authenticating the identity of individuals accused of involvement in various crimes.

Dawid also compiled study material on Fingerprint Identification and the Investigation of Crime Scenes for forensic educational institutes. He has also been invited to various conferences, and has been interviewed by published media and on radio and television, to provide professional input on identity theft and how to prevent it.

Dawid was part of the creation of the first Pro-Active Identity Protection and Verification system, which allows for various methods of authentication, including Automated and Physical (Forensic) Fingerprint Identification Systems, a Multi Factor Identity Authentication solution and Blockchain Identity Attestation solution. All these solutions are based on the critical importance of optimised accuracy in the enrolment phase of an identity, using forensic protocol procedures.

The Identity Management Solutions Dawid helped create are designed for the global market. They focus on making every individual economically inclusive, and help to reinstate trust between institutions and their customers.

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